Hey y’all!

Death Hawks would like to wish Happy Holidays and a spectacular New Year 2014!

It’s been a great year for us. We’ve made a lot of new friends and toured a lot of new places. We also released our second LP which we are proud of and it was received very well all around.
Next year will hopefully be even better and we are certainly ready for it!

The year 2014 will start out with a couple of great gigs in Finland and with a nice small Scandinavian tour.

A thousand thanks to all of you
and hope to see YOU on the road somewhere!

January 2014:

11.01.2014 Garagefest, Kerubi, Joensuu, Finland
18.01.2014 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
22.01.2014 Cafe Mono, Oslo, Norway
23.01.2014 Beta, Copenhagen, Denmark
24.01.2014 Northern Winter Beat/1000Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark
25.01.2014 Tribute, Sandnes, Norway
26.01.2014 Lundetangen Pub, Skien, Norway

Past shows of 2013:

09.01.2013 Huize Maas, Eurosonic festival, Groningen, Netherlands
10.01.2013 De Spieghel, Eurosonic festival, Groningen, Netherlands
11.01.2013 Podium Asteriks, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
23.01.2013 Kafé De Luxe, Växjö, Sweden
24.01.2013 Perrong 23, Hässleholm, Sweden
25.01.2013 Debaser, Malmö, Sweden
26.01.2013 Truckstop Alaska, Gothenburg, Sweden
27.01.2013 Püssy A Go Go, Liffey’s källare, Stockholm, Sweden
17.04.2013 Klubi, Turku, Finland
18.04.2013 Klubi, Tampere, Finland
19.04.2013 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
20.04.2013 Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland
25.04.2013 Echo Chamber, Notting Hill arts club, London, UK
03.05.2013 Henry’s Pub, Helsinki, Finland
04.05.2013 Loud Silents festival, Tampere, Finland
(movie thing, no Death Hawks songs)
08.05.2013 YO-talo, Tampere, Finland
09.05.2013 Henry’s Pub, Kuopio, Finland
10.05.2013 3″ Kuppila, Raahe, Finland
11.05.2013 Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, Finland
18.05.2013 Klubi, Turku, Finland
01.06.2013 Muskelrock på Tyrolen, Alvesta, Blädinge, Sweden
14.06.2013 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
22.06.2013 Valtteri Festival, Tampere, Finland
30.06.2013 Tuska Festival, Helsinki, Finland
20.07.2013 Ilmiö Festival, Turku, Finland
21.07.2013 Jättömaa Festival, Kouvola, Finland
16.08.2013 Kerubi Terrace, Joensuu, Finland (DH Duo)
23.08.2013 Art goes Kapakka, Vanha ylioppilastalo, Helsinki, Finland
30.08.2013 Torvi, Lahti, Finland
06.09.2013 BAR 15, Seinäjoki, Finland
13.09.2013 Levykauppa Äx, Tampere, Finland
20.09.2013 Swamp Music Record Store, Tampere, Finland
20.09.2013 Monsters Of Pop, Klubi, Tampere, Finland
21.09.2013 Krokodiilirock, Lepakkomies, Helsinki, Finland
27.09.2013 Reeperbahn Festival, Grüner Jäger, Hampurg, Germany
04.10.2013 Record Shop X, Helsinki, Finland
04.10.2013 Korjaamo, Helsinki, Finland (Record release show!)
05.10.2013 Bar Monttu, Pori, Finland
09.10.2013 Forum, Bielefeld, Germany
10.10.2013 KFZ, Marburg, Germany
11.10.2013 Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany
12.10.2013 Kulturladen, Konstanz, Germany
13.10.2013 Kapu, Linz, Austria
14.10.2013 Chelsea, Wien, Austria
15.10.2013 Explosiv, Graz, Austria
16.10.2013 Weekender, Innsbruck, Austria
18.10.2013 Lost in Music, YO-talo, Tampere, Finland
19.10.2013 Suisto, Hämeenlinna, Finland
02.11.2013 Sorveiv Festival, Kristiansand, Norway
05.11.2013 Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
06.11.2013 Klubi, Tampere, Finland
09.11.2013 Musta Kynnys, Jyväskylä, Finland
22.11.2013 45-Special, Oulu, Finland
28.11.2013 Klubi, Tampere, Finland (DEATH HAWKS DJ-set)
05.12.2013 Way Of Life Records in-store gig, Turku, Finland
05.12.2013 Klubi, Turku, Finland
11.12.2013 Hyvä Klubi, LeBonk, Helsinki, Finland

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