What’s happening?

Hey folks!
Thought I make a little update on what’s happening at the moment since it’s been a bit slow in here recently.

Lot of cool things coming up!

Our little break from touring is almost over and next week we’ll do a minitour in Finland with our beloved fellow band GRAVEYARD from Sweden.

25th of April we will stop by in London to do a show in Notting Hill Arts Club with few other great bands.

In May we will have lots of shows in Finland including one special one where we do a live soundtrack for a silent film!

But maybe the most exciting thing is that the new Death Hawks album has taken its form and will be released by the end of the summer or early in autumn.
There is still some work to do with it but you will have a tasting for summer.

Take care and see you soon or as our sax man Tenho would put it: “Lazy days and crazy nights!”

-Teemu / Death Hawks

P.S here’s some dates:

17.04. Klubi, Turku, Finland (w/ Graveyard)
18.04. Klubi, Tampere, Finland (w/ Graveyard)
19.04. Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland (w/ Graveyard)
20.04. Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland (w/ Graveyard)
25.04. Echo Chamber, Nottinghillartsclub, London, UK
03.05. Henry’s Pub, Helsinki, Finland
04.05. Loud Silents festival, Tampere, Finland
(movie thing, no Death Hawks songs)
08.05. YO-talo, Tampere, Finland (w/Räjäyttäjät)
09.05. Henry’s Pub, Kuopio, Finland
10.05. 3″ Kuppila, Raahe, Finland
11.05. Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, Finland
18.05. Klubi, Turku
14.06. Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

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